Volunteering Opportunities

Facebook post 2018

Are you interested in an exciting volunteering opportunity?

Everyone has a different reason for volunteering. Whatever the reason, volunteering allows you to make a difference in your community and your life. The Northeast Burnaby Community Association (NEBCA) is largely a volunteer driven organization and as such we are constantly looking to fit volunteers into the team!

We primarily accept high school volunteers to help out with our 6 week summer camp program. Each week accumulates approximately 35 hours of volunteer experience and is great for fulfilling your high school work experience requirements. Volunteers are expected to support their leaders in running games, crafts, cooking activities and supervising children on group/camp wide field trips. Not only is volunteering fun but it is a great chance for networking opportunities, a chance to make new friends, and can lead to job opportunities with Fun Rec in the future as NEBCA prefers to hire people who know our program well.

If you are interested in volunteering and you would like to learn more about this opportunity, please email us at funrec.volunteer@gmail.com.