Community Garden

The History of our Garden

We are a community-based organic garden located beside Stoney Creek Elementary in Burnaby, B.C. We are run through an organization called NEBCA, the North East Burnaby Community Association, and so some people refer to us as NEBCA Organic Gardens. Most of our plots are residential but we also have some community plots and school plots. We were formed in 1993 from a community leader named Paula Bowie. In April 1994, the community members worked together every weekend and many evenings in April until May 2nd, when the first phase was completed. It took many hours of coordination and heavy labor!

At that time, and even today, the garden has provided opportunities for people to share their knowledge of gardening and environmental issues. We are always looking for more members who are eager and ready to participate.

General Description

Tools, such as shovels, spades, rakes, and trowels are provided in the tool shed for everyone’s use. Wheelbarrows and water hoses are also available for use.
We do not currently have a composting system. Vegetable waste is placed in yard waste bins provided by the City of Burnaby. The waste is then composted off site. Eventually, we would like to have composters on site as we had in the past. If anyone has a good system, we would love your input and ideas!

We also have a few communal plots: flowers and herbs. These plots are tended to by everyone. The idea is that if you help maintain the plots, then you share the herbs.

Every second year, manure and topsoil is ordered for gardeners to replenish the soil in their plots. We do not use any chemicals to kill weeds. So, it is the old-fashioned method of picking weeds.

As a garden member, you are expected to attend at least 2 workbees or more during the year. A workbee is a time, usually on the weekend, where members get together to work and to have fun. We schedule the workbees at an executive meeting and will post the times so members can decide which ones they are able to attend.

It is also hoped that you will volunteer for a committee job. Some examples of these jobs are: Shed maintenance, keeping walkways clear, maintaining the front garden or the community plots. We hope to have a contact person for each job, who can help if problems or questions arise.

So, hopefully this information has sparked your interest in coming out to be an organic gardener! If so, please leave your name and phone number at the Stoney Creek Community School