Mission Statement

The Northeast Burnaby Community Association is a non-profit, charitable society committed to enhancing the educational, recreational, and environmental well being of our children and of our community. The Association provides affordable programs and quality services, which meet the needs of all age groups within our neighbourhood. Underlying the Association’s work is its commitment to empowering children and adults with the knowledge and skills they need to be effective citizens.


In 1982, a group of area residents started an affordable community-based summer day camp program and in turn, formed the community association. Originally called Stoney Creek Community Association. The name of the camp is still FUN REC and the association has successfully maintained it throughout the years.

Some of these active citizens also took action to prevent the planned construction of high-rises on Centaurus. They felt these buildings would threaten the feeling of community in the area and would result in high-density traffic and transient non-family populations. As a result of their effort, the area retained its strong sense of neighbourhood.

In 1987, the Stoney Creek Community Association became the Simon Fraser Hills Community Association “to promote the community education concept in the Simon Fraser Hills area”. In 1990 the association became a registered charity.

In 1993, the association members decided to change the name again to better represent the overall community. As a result, the Simon Fraser Hills Community Association became the Northeast Burnaby Community Association (NEBCA).

In 1994, the Organic Community Garden became a reality with the energy and hard work of the people in this community. It is a beautiful spot to meet and come into contact with the earth again.

In 1998, the Community Room in Stoney Creek Community School was built, with funding and involvement from association members. This is NEBCA’s home.

NEBCA’s Involvement

NEBCA is currently involved in:

  • The Fun Rec Summer Day Camp Program
  • The Northeast Burnaby Organic Community Garden
  • Rec’n’Read Summer Program

NEBCA has been involved in:

  • Northeast Burnaby Youth Association. The Northeast Burnaby Youth Association began as part of NEBCA and is now a separate society.
  • Building a Community Space in the Community School in Northeast Burnaby.
  • Funding of non-profit groups such as Girl Guides, Boy Scouts, and The Great Salmon Send-Off.

The Northeast Burnaby Community Association (NEBCA) sponsors the Fun Rec summer day camp program, among others. NEBCA raises funds through BC Gaming and Human Resources Canada Student Placement grant so that registration costs are kept to a minimum.