Rec’n’Read Program

Rec’n’Read is a 19-day intensive intervention summer literacy program, which combines literacy activities in the morning, and an afternoon of recreation. Every Friday of the program, the Rec’n’Read group joins the rest of Fun Rec on the weekly out trip as well!

This program is intended for children aged 6-7 years old who are struggling readers and who would benefit from intensive teacher support over the summer to prevent regression. Their teachers will recommend children for Rec N’ Read. They cannot apply or register without their teacher’s invitation.

Rec’n’Read is taught by a BC certified teacher.

NEBCA has been offering this program since the summer of 2002, in cooperation with the Burnaby School Board. The community school coordinators of Burnaby are using the Langley School Board’s tried-and-tested module and adapting it to fit together with the Summer Day Camp Programs.