Special Needs Leader Job Description

Tentative start date: June 10th, 2019
Job lengths: ~ 8-9 weeks, full time

Special Needs Leaders must have been enrolled in full-time education at a college/university/trade school for the past year and be returning to full-time studies again in September. They must have related experience working with children, proven leadership skills and an understanding of the stages of children’s development. Special Needs Leaders should also have and experience and a passion for working with children/youth who have physical and/or mental disabilities. Standard First Aid skills or the willingness to train is mandatory.

A Special Needs Leader must:

  • Meet with parents, support workers and caregivers of each camper in the Special Needs Program to gather information about the specific needs of the child prior to the start of camp.
  • Communicate information gathered regarding campers with special needs to Rec leaders.
  • Work one-on-one to provide individualized support for campers in the Special Needs program.
  • Work with Recreation Leaders to adapt and plan suitable activities to meet the specific needs of each individual child and to promote inclusion within the entire group.
  • Work as a team with other Special Needs Leaders and Recreation Leaders.
  • Undergo training in areas such as of behaviour management, Standard First Aid, conflict resolution, children with special needs, allergy response, etc.
  • Assist in registration and promotion at Stoney Creek and other local schools.
  • Attend a “Team Building Event” for all leaders.
  • Help assemble supplies and maintain appropriate inventory.
  • Supervise children in recreation activities, manage behaviours of children within the group, being flexible to individual needs and sensitive to individual requirements.
  • Attend weekly pre- and post-camp staff meetings with Liaison Officer and Project Manager.
  • Evaluate the program in an ongoing weekly basis, and overall at the end of contract.